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Nature photography hides aims are to supply the very best the UK has to offer in hide rental and special guided days to photograph some of its most iconic species.  We have used other similar set-ups on the continent but felt that this was never an option in the UK , so we now offer professional hides and guides in key sites to photograph species like Kingfisher, Kestrel, Mountain Hare, Buzzard, Red Squirrel, Black Grouse , Osprey, Sparrowhawk and Red Fox in their wild environment. Our sites range from the lowland floodplains of the midlands to Scottish lowland woodland and the Scottish highlands. Our hides have been purposely built by ourselves to a very high standard and are carefully planned out not just for the subjects but key elements like backgrounds and lighting conditions. We are constantly working on new locations and subjects and our aim is to have many different locations throughout the UK. Nature Photography hides is owned and run by professional wildlife photographers with many years’ experience behind them.




Mark Hancox was brought up in the Cotswolds and grew up with a strong influence in nature from his father who would always encourage his interest in the natural world . Mark's particular interest is in British birds and grew up watching wildlife and spending a lot of his younger life as a bird artist , something he is keen to pass onto his young daughter . In recent years he has turned his hand to photography specialising in Kingfisher photography and creating the low level fishing shots that became his specialty . Marks work has featured in many books and magazines.  Mark now spends much of his time working on new projects for us and developing the potential of our sites. More of Mark's photography can be seen at

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Alan McFadyen has lived almost all his life in SW Scotland. He has been interested in wildlife from the age of 5 when his grandfather used to take him out birding. His interest in birds grew and grew and almost every spare minute throughout his childhood saw him roaming the area in search of birds. When he hit the mid-teens he became a keen pike angler which lasted many years until a back injury forced him out of this hobby. So in 2009 he decided to take up photography and hasn't looked back since. Although in his own words he is still a novice, he is learning all the time. Alan has developed our site in Scotland to an amazing standard and with his efforts the rewards are really plain to see with the amount of birds that visit our feeding station.


Peter Cairns is based in the heart of the Cairngorms; he is an award-winning nature photographer with over 10 years professional experience under his belt. In addition to documenting Europe's high-profile wildlife species, Peter covers a diverse range of topical conservation stories from nature-based tourism to the potential reintroduction of wolves...and most things in between! Peter authors regular illustrated features and has co-authored five books. He was a co-founder of the widely acclaimed Tooth & Claw and Highland Tiger predator projects and was Business Director for Wild Wonders of Europe. He is a founding director of The Wild Media Foundation, the social enterprise behind the 2020VISION multimedia project. Peter is an Associate of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a director of Wild Scotland and has led many photo-tours both in Europe and further afield.

Tom Way  

Tom Way is a wildlife photographer based in Buckinghamshire. Always having an interest in nature, he picked up a camera 3 years ago and his shots are improving all the time. Tom now exhibits his work at Art exhibitions and craft shows around the country as well as running photographic safaris to Zambia and giving photography talks to local camera clubs and WI groups. Tom’s favourite British mammal is the Red Fox and in 2011 he began to work on site that has now developed into a great photography location with several foxes regularly coming to the hide.

Mark Hamblin  

Mark Hamblin has been working as a freelance nature photographer since 1995, currently focusing on Scotland’s wildlife and wild places. He is a long time contributor to several international picture agencies and regularly writes feature articles for a number of leading photographic magazines. He has authored and contributed to a variety of books and has worked on a range of collaborative projects that include Tooth & Claw, Highland Tiger andWild Wonders of Europe. He is a founding director of the Wild Media Company, which aims to promote conservation issues through visual media and has been working on 2020VISION for past three years. He is well traveled and has a wealth of experience guiding photographic tour groups in the UK, Europe, North America and Africa over the last 16 years. He lives in the Cairngorms National Park in the heart of the Scottish Highlands with his partner Gale.