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Great Bustard Hide


We are pleased to have been asked to work with The Great Bustard Group and with our great friend Dave Kjaer to promote the Great Bustard Hide . The hide is in Wiltshire and is on the United Kingdoms only population . The reintroduction of the Great Bustard started as far back as 2004 with birds from Russia and more recently from Spain . The hide will be open from the middle of March until May to concentrate on the main time for the spectacular Male displays .  80% of the hide cost will go directly to The Great Bustard Group to continue the conservation of the birds . 



Hide ; Two person 


Date . March to May 


Location ; Wiltshire 


Cost ; £125 pp


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Itinerary . 

We are looking at having the hide (2 persons) open for business on Tuesday the 21st March and the sessions will be as follows - meet in Enford Village at 0630 hours (this is on the A345 between Amesbury and Marlborough) blink and you will miss it as most of the village is away from the main road. We meet in a small lay-by which is where there is a 'Bus Stop' sign on the main A345 very close to a staggered cross roads, don't drive down into the village. We then have a very short drive to the site and aim to have you in the hide by 0700 hours. The session will usually end around 1130 hours or earlier if the client desires as if the birds are displaying your best images will be betn. 0700 hours & 0930 hours.

Some of the birds have wing tags (which can easily be removed in a program like photoshop) some have rings and a few with neither. There are opportunities for flight images but they are usually few and far between. Clients can contact me by phone or e-mail a few days before to find out what is the 'state of play' so if you list my website all my contact details are on there as well as many more bustard images.

No toilets in the hide but if someone becomes desperate someone could come and get them out but this really should be a last resort unless they have got all the images they want and don't want to be escorted back in. 

I anticipate that most of the best displays will be over by early May when the males start to loose some of the colour from their necks and their whiskers thin.

The mornings can be cold so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear . We recommend 500mm lenses or equivalent and a tripod .


 1. The hide is situated on open farmland so can be cold and slippery please wear appropriate clothing and foot wear .

2. The hide booking is for the morning , you will escorted in and out of the hide .
3. The hides are non Smoking .
4. Please stay in the hides .
5. Please close all gates .
6. We are not responsible for loss or damage to you or your belongings .