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Fox cubs 



New for May we are offering the opportunity to photograph Fox cubs at the Worcestershire site . This is a unique opportunity to capture the cubs when the make their first adventures in the big wide world . We will be using mobile hides on several sites around our farm to give the best chances to capture photos of these amazing creatures . The hides will be pop ups so expect to be sat in fairly restricted space for the time in the hide . Being quiet and still are essential to not disturb the wildlife and give the best chance of seeing the cubs. THIS HIDE HAS TOILET FACILITIES.



Location ; Worcestershire 

Dates ; May to July 

Price ; £95

Equipment ; Tripod and 500 mm lens , warm clothes 


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Fox cubs hold a great fascination and desirability to photographers.  Foxes can be extremely difficult to approach and so to achieve a certain standard of image takes years of dedication and patience. We have set up pop up hides at a few selected Fox earths to get the best chance of seeing the cubs emerge . The Adult Foxes are often around the site too and often do come about 10 metres from the hide. A minimum of 300mm - 500mm lens and a tripod are required to get the best shots. 
Our Fox  hides are located in Worcestershire near the town of Droitwich.  It is very close to the Junction 5 on the M5 motorway, once you’ve taken the signs for Bromsgrove, go under the motorway and you need to take your first turning on your left and you will see a McDonalds the postcode is WR9 7PA.  On the morning  Darren (mobile no: 07850878370) will meet you in the car park at McDonalds at 8 am. It is then a short drive to the farm where the hides are located.  Darren will set you up in the hide and instruct you on the way to achieve the best shots  The cubs are very inquisitive and curious and may approach the hide , please remain quiet and keep still as we dont want to disturb or upset the family . It will take longer for the animals to come back if they’re disturbed so it is in your best interest to stay in the hide as much as you can
What to Bring: 
The foxes do come within 10 metres of the hide, so bringing a mixture of lenses would be the best solution. A minimum of a 300mm/500mm lens will get you great shots on the evening as well as a tripod. In terms of clothing you will need warm dark clothes so the foxes will not see you in the hide. The vast majority of your time will be spent in the hide.  You will need either walking boots or wellington boots as the 10 minute walk can be muddy if it has been wet.  The weather is difficult to predict at this time of the year, it could be cold so bring hats and gloves as well. You will need to bring your own food and drinks as there is no cafeteria on the site so a thermal flask with hot tea or coffee is recommended.   
Camera Equipment:
In terms of camera kit you'll need a tripod, the longest lens you have (300mm or 500mm would be our recommendation/choice), plenty of flash cards and batteries.  There is no electricity in the hide so please make sure that you have spare batteries that are fully charged because on a good day you can take lots of great images.
Terms and conditions of booking ;
1. The Worcestershire site is a working farm , as such there may be animals and farm equipment in the fields . The fields and river banks may be wet and muddy and slippery please wear appropriate foot wear .
2. The hide booking is for a full day , you can leave at your own convenience .
3. The hides are non Smoking .
4. Please stay in the hides .
5. Please close all gates .
6. We are not responsible for loss or damage to you or your belongings .