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Reflection Pool 



We have built a reflection infinity pool where small birds come down to drink or feed during the winter months.  Our reflection pool hide attracts Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Great Tit, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Robin, Siskin, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Jay amongst others. We have positioned our hide so not only can you photograph species at the reflection pool you can also change position to photograph small birds on a variety of different perches throughout the day. When booking this hide you will receive a 20% discount off your next booking at any hide at our Worcestershire site. THIS HIDE HAS TOILET FACILITIES.



Robin Goldfinch
Blue Tit 1 Great Tit


Dates available to book are from:  1st  October - March 

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Group Size:  3 photographers maximum per hide

Times: 8.00 am until dusk

Hide cost:  £75 per person per day.

Our Reflection Pool hide attracts Blue, Coal, Great Tit, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Robin, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Jay amongst others.  This is a great opportunity to build up a stunning portfolio of these different types of British birds.  
Our Reflection Pool is located in Worcestershire near the town of Droitwich.  It is very close to Junction 5 on the M5 motorway once you’ve taken the Junction 5 sign posted to Droitwich you will come to a roundabout and take your first turning on your left and you will see a McDonalds immediately after this left turn and the postcode is WR9 7PA. On the morning of the workshop Darren (mobile no: 07850878370) will meet you in the car park at McDonalds at 8 am. It is then a short drive to the farm where the Kingfishers are located. It is important that you pay attention to how Darren sets the perch up so that you can get the best out of the day and also to have a varied selection of images it is best to change the perches throughout the day.  You can get in and out of the hide but obviously this will disturb the birds so it is best to only get out on a few occasions to change the perch or go to the toilet.  The birds are very site faithful and will return but it takes them longer to come back if they’re disturbed so it is in your best interest to stay in the hide as much as you can.
What to Bring:
The vast majority of your time will be spent in the hide; in terms of clothing you will need some warm clothes because it can be cold at this time of year.  It is also a 5 minute walk to the hide so please bring waterproof clothing.  You will need a good pair of wellington boots as it is muddy going across the fields. The weather is difficult to predict at this time of the year, it could be cold especially in the early morning and then gets warmer as the day progresses, so bring hats and gloves as well. You will need to bring your own food but free hot drinks will be supplied. THIS HIDE HAS TOILET FACILITIES..
Camera Equipment:
In terms of camera kit you'll need a bean bag , a 500mm lens or equivalent depending on your camera ,  plenty of flash cards and batteries.  There is no electricity in the hide so please make sure that you have spare batteries that are fully charged because on a good day you can take lots of great images.
This is a great hide which will give you an amazing chance to photograph the different types of birds found in the UK. 


Conditions of booking:

1. The hide that you book into is yours for the day. You can stay in the hide for as long as you wish but you must not swap hides.  Photography is only permitted from inside one of our hides. Please make sure that you enter and leave the hide quickly and quietly in order to respect and protect the wildlife.

2. The Worcestershire site is a working farm, as such there may be animals and farm equipment in the fields. The fields and river banks may be wet, muddy and slippery so please wear appropriate foot wear. 

3. Smoking is not permitted in our hides. If you must smoke, please make sure that you are out of sight of wildlife and that you don't leave litter. 

5. When you have left the hide, please return to your vehicle. Do not walk about the farm or the fields. The farm is private property. The farmer kindly allows us to cross his land to the hides but we have no right of access. Please ensure that you shut gates behind you.

6. Please take all litter home with you and leave everything as you found it. 

7. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to you or your belongings.