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Multi Hide Day 


We are offering a few days where you can use three hides in one day . You will get chance to use any working hides that are open and normally include ; Kestrel , Kingfisher , Little Owl  , Heron , Reflection pool , Fieldfare, and Fox .. The day gives you a chance to get a varied range of subjects in one day . They are ideal if you are looking for a variety filled day or are new to the hides and want to try out a few different ones. Days are fully guided . You will be offered a free return to Worcestershire included in the price . 




Location ; Worcestershire 


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Dates ;               


                June 8th 2017            Spaces

                June 9th 2017            Fully Booked  

                June 10th 2017          Spaces

               June 11th 2017            Fully Booked




Price £100 per person per day .



Our Open days / Multi hide days are designed to give a glimpse into a few different hides at the Worcestershire site . We will open all working hides from the nine on site and we will rotate guests around during the day to try three hides of your choice .   Please note this is not a tuition day, you’re in the hide with other people.
Our hides are located in Worcestershire near the town of Droitwich.  It is very close to Junction 5 on the M5 motorway once you’ve taken the Junction 5 sign posted to Droitwich you will come to a roundabout and take your first turning on your left and you will see a McDonalds immediately after this left turn and the postcode is WR9 7PA. On the morning of the workshop Darren (mobile no: 07850878370)will meet you in the car park at McDonalds at 8 am. It is then a short drive to the farm where the hides are located Darren will set you up in the hide and you can then choose your first perch for the day.  It is important that you pay attention to how Darren sets the perch up so that you can get the best out of the day and also to have a varied selection of images it is best to change the perches throughout the day.  You can get in and out of the hide but obviously this will disturb the birds so it is best to only get out on a few occasions to change the perch or go to the toilet.  The birds are very site faithful and will return but it takes them longer to come back if they’re disturbed so it is in your best interest to stay in the hide as much as you can.
What to Bring: 
The vast majority of your time will be spent in the hide; in terms of clothing you will need some warm clothes because it can be cold at this time of year.  It is also a 5 minute walk to the hide so please bring waterproof clothing too because you don’t want to get wet before the day even starts.  You will need a good pair of wellington boots, these are essential for this workshop.  To be able to change the perches for the Kingfishers throughout the day you have to walk into the shallow stream so walking boots are not ideal.  The weather is difficult to predict at this time of the year, it could be cold especially in the early morning and then gets warmer as the day progresses, so bring hats and gloves as well. You will need to bring your own food and drinks as there is no cafeteria on the site so a thermal flask with hot tea or coffee is recommended.  Please note there are no toilet facilities on the site either because of the remote location.  
Camera Equipment:
In terms of camera kit you'll need a Tripod and bean bag, the longest lens you have (300mm or 500mm + convertor would be our recommendation) plenty of flash cards and batteries.  There is no electricity in the hide so please make sure that you have spare batteries that are fully charged because on a good day you can take lots of great images.
Free Return Visit ; 
After attending a multi day you will be entitled to a free return day to use any hide at the Worcestershire site. Hide days only ,to be taken the following calander year . ie 2017 earns a return in 2018 etc .
 Terms and conditions of booking ;
1. The Worcestershire site is a working farm , as such there may be animals and farm equipment in the fields . The fields and river banks may be wet and muddy and slippery please wear appropriate foot wear .
2. The hide booking is for a full day , you can leave at your own convenience .
3. The hides are non Smoking .
4. Please stay in the hides .
5. Please close all gates .
6. We are not responsible for loss or damage to you or your belongings .