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Diving Kingfisher Workshops


We have been working with Kingfishers for many years now and during that time we have always strived for producing the best images of this beautiful bird that we can possibly achieve. The ultimate image for us was being able to catch the explosive moment once the kingfisher had dived into the water in pursuit of its prey. To get images of this action is very difficult and you have to be aware of the difficulty before you commit to the workshop. Full instruction will be given to help  in achieving the best possible images. We consider this workshop as a unique experience .
New from April 2018 we will run this diving day from a new purpose built hide where you will sit at pool level with your camera . This means that this will be easy to review your images throughout the day and make adjustments without disturbing the birds .
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Group Size:  2  photographers maximum per hide.

Times: 8.00 am until dusk

Hide cost:  £100 per person per day for 2018 season onwards .

Lenses: 70-200mm F2.8

Itinerary ;

One of the most sought after birds for most wildlife photographers is the beautiful and elusive Kingfisher.  This stunning bird is one of the most difficult species to photograph in the UK. Because of the hard work put into this project and location over the years it is now possible to produce a stunning portfolio on a one day workshop.  We have taken our Kingfisher workshop to the next level and we are now in a position to offer the opportunity to capture the explosive action of this stunning bird as it leaves the water after diving in for a fish.  To get images of this action is very difficult and you have to be aware of the difficulty before you commit to the workshop.  Full instruction will be given at the start of the day .
Our diving Kingfisher workshops are located in Worcestershire near the town of Droitwich.  It is very close to the Junction 5 on the M5 motorway, once you’ve taken the signs for Bromsgrove, go under the motorway and you need to take your first turning on your left and you will see a McDonald’s the postcode is WR9 7PA.  On the morning of the workshop Darren ( 07850 878370 ) will meet you in the car park at McDonalds at 8 am.  It is then a short drive to the farm where the  Kingfishers are located. 
What to Bring:
The vast majority of your time will be spent in the hide; in terms of clothing you will need some warm clothes because it can be cold at this time of year.  It is also a 5 minute walk to the hide so please bring waterproof clothing too because you don’t want to get wet before the day even starts. You will need wellington boots too because we have to set up the camera in the stream and then fire it remotely from the hide.  The weather is difficult to predict at this time of the year, it could be cold especially in the early morning and then gets warmer as the day progresses, so bring hats and gloves as well. You will need to bring your own food and drinks as there is no cafeteria on the site so a thermal flask with hot tea or coffee is recommended.  Please note there are no toilet facilities on the site either because of the remote location.   
Camera Equipment:
In terms of camera kit you'll need a beanbag , a fast camera with 7+ frames a second .  The best lens for the diving in shots is a 70-200mm F2.8. You will need a remote release for your camera . We do carry a few spare cables but dont cover every camera model / make .  Bring plenty of flash cards and spare batteries.  You may get the opportunity to photography the kingfisher on the perch so you may also bring a spare camera and 500 mm lens . There is no electricity in the hide so please make sure that you have spare batteries that are fully charged because on a good day you can take lots of great images.
This is a great workshop which will give you a chance to photograph the most amazing wildlife action that can be found in the UK.


Terms and conditions of booking ;
1. The Worcestershire site is a working farm , as such there may be animals and farm equipment in the fields . The fields and river banks may be wet and muddy and slippery please wear appropriate foot wear .
2. The hide booking is for a full day , you can leave at your own convenience .
3. The hides are non Smoking .
4. Please stay in the hides .
5. Please close all gates .
6. We are not responsible for loss or damage to you or your belongings .