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Roe Deer Weekend



We are running a series of Roe deer photography weekends in the south east of England . We are the only wildlife photography tour company to offer such a workshop as it is usually very difficult to get close to species. 
Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset are strongholds for this our most beautiful and shy species of native deer. Guided by Jules Cox you will be crisscrossing all three counties in pursuit of this elusive deer, The workshops give you exclusive access to private land. The photography includes traditional stalking and use of a 4 x 4 vehicle, which make the perfect mobile hide from which to photograph the deer.
Dates ; July 15th / 16th 2017.  July 22nd / 23rd 2017 .  August 12th / 13th 2017 .
Places available: limited to two for each weekend.
Location Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire.
Price £495 .