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White - tailed Eagle 


This is exhilarating bird flight photography workshop photographing Wild White-tailed Eagles on the island of Mull , Hebrides , Scotland . This is a unique opportunity to photograph the UK’s largest eagle as it swoops in to take a fish off the surface of the loch. This is a two day workshop taking in four boat trips giving you the opportunity to learn the techniques in photographing these iconic birds as they strike at their prey in the water.  We will be looking at exposure and exposure compensation, camera techniques and panning techniques on shooting birds in flight. The eagles fly above the boat before striking the fish, giving great opportunities for  flight shots. The eagle drops its legs getting ready to strike the fish. The birds at this stage are moving quite quickly and a state of readiness is essential . We incude two nights accommodation for this trip . .


Dates ; June 30 th- July 2nd 2016     Fully Booked 

Price ; £450 deposit £200 balance due 30 days before .

Equipment ; 300mm prime lens is the maximum you will need, zoom lenses up to 300mm and more are ideal (70 – 200, 100 – 400, 300mm prime lens, 50 – 500). This is hand held photography, tripods/bean bags are not required . 

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